Friday, 21 January 2022

Cascade Gardens 18 Jan 2022.

This is a walk that we have undertaken on a number of times with our leader Bob always providing a new and interesting deviation from a previous walk and this was to be the case today.

Leaving the car and heading downstream from the Cascade Gardens passed the Cascade Female Factory.

Some of the significant new retaining walls constructed within the Hobart Rivulet to contain any floodwaters.

The house with the tilted gutter no doubt to encourage the water of the roof as fast as possible.

Strolling beside the Rivulet.

But then there is always a hill.

Happy faces having achieved the pinnacle of a short incline especially after the preceding months Xmas cheer.

A happy snap of Mother Duck and her six ducklings.

A statute representing the women convicts transported to Tasmania during the 1800's.

Morning tea and we are all suitably distanced around the park.

Following the boundary of the Hobart tip.

Looking back on the sculptured draining system for the Rivulet within the park.

Wild cherry waiting to be picked.

An example of fossilized shells in rocks making up the track.

Our leader Bob setting the pace.

 An interesting bright fungi.

Heading down a track that we had not used before which apparently is maintained by the Old Farm Road Residents Group.

I thought Chris was fascinated by the unusual shaped tree but in fact he wanted to use it as support for his found shovel.

One of the many significantly constructed mountain bike jumps that wind along beside and as part of this track.

Back through the Cascade Gardens to the cars.

Unfortunately we did not have a tracker for today to provide a map but 11 walkers travelled 11 kms  in 3.5 hours.

It was a good walk including the new section.

Geilston Bay 11 Jan 2022.

 This is the first walk for the New Year and the photos have been provided by Mendelt.

Friday, 17 December 2021

Woodbridge Wanderings -12 Dec 2021

 Today's walk will be led by Jack around the environs of Woodbridge a small village on the edge of D'Entrecastreaux Channel.

The weather for today is mild but overcast.

Heading away from the car park along the foreshore.

Looking back up the Channel to Peppermint Bay Wharf.

The bridge made it easier to do a head count and make sure everyone was accounted for.

Heading away from the Channel into the back roads of Woodbridge.

A very well organised eucalypt forest with straight lines of trees.

The entrance to the Woodbridge Community Centre.

 Mum and Dad Turbo Chook (Native Hen) running away from the walkig group . 

There are 7 chicks trying to keep up - can you find them all.

A number of houses had bird sculptures around the gardens. This is a Forked Tailed Bearing Bird.

This one is a Pink Tailed Bearing Bird.

One of a number of very well kept gardens we passed in our walk.

Fancy gates seems to be another quirk of the local residences.

Lots of native trees and bushes in full flower.

A very large eagle overlooking a dam.

Climbing past the remnants of one of the old remaining orchards in the area.

A panorama showing Bruny Island in the background.

Local orchards getting ready for the coming season.

Heading up to the end of the road.

Jack thought he had made a major find by the side of the road only to be disappointed.

Wall of a house that is probably the result of an unfilled dream.

Someone's quiet time seat at the top of their bush block looking down over the Channel.

I think Sue is trying to work out where to from here.

Contented wallabies feeding in their marsupial lawn.

The answer to Sue's considerations was back down the hill.

Another fancy gate.

And a Blue Crystal Tailed Pheasant.

Heading back towards the center of Woodbridge.

The pace has picked up.

Lunch was very pleasant by river although there was a bit of an Aussie BBQ feel.

There were 17 walkers for our last walk of the year who climbed 148 meters and walk 6.7 kms in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

 A fitting end to a successful years walking program.