Friday, 19 January 2018

Waterworks Around Chimney Pot Hill 2018

Last week was the first walk for 2018 and I took it easy on everyone. This week Bob is back! There will be hills.

We park at the Waterworks on a beautiful, clear, sunny day and Bob promises a couple of surprises. Off we go.

Ready for the off

We cross the dam of the lower reservoir to pick up the track on the other side. Following this around to a steep climb up to the Huon Road, we take a track to the right.

We first walked this side track a couple of years ago and, from the appearance, it's becoming more popular.

We near the top and set off along an old track. Soon we reach the Huon Road and walk alongside for a while.

Pleasant open bush

The bottom of this slope is where we took the side trail

Now we walk beside the road
The track runs out and we cross the road to continue up until we can pick up another track. We get a glimpse of our target, the communications tower on top of Chimney Pot, but as usual, we're walking away!

Tower on top of Chimney Pot

Walking along the Huon Road

Shortly we cross back over to pick up a track leading parallel to the road through the bush. It's not long, however, before Bob takes us off track and up through the bush.

I seem to remember when we walked this a couple of years ago immediately after a controlled burn, we wondered if there was anything interesting up there. Well, Bob did some exploring and has found a new route for us. So up we go.

No track, but it's still recovering bush

We reach this track which doesn't appear on the map

We see a couple of homes below that appear to be isolated

We're actually overlooking the Turnip Fields and the dirt road far below we can see is Turnip Fields Road.

Morning Tea is close at hand, and Bob supplies a long, strong log for seating.

Morning Tea
There was a slight fright due to cracking sounds as someone who will remain nameless, sat down. However, it was a false alarm and no Morning Tea was harmed in the incident.

After the break, we all start to move forward when Bob calls us back and we set off up into the bush just to the left.

Into the unknown

There are several tracks we can see back in the bush, none appear on any map I have. The one we're following has been constructed sometime in the dim past and it's not just an animal track.

We do find an unusual track marker along the way.

Eventually, we reach a clear area, turn right and head towards the Huon Road. This takes us past a spot that, in the past, we've reached via another track and had Morning Tea next to the road.

Huon Road ahead with Wellington beyond
We come out just opposite the junction with Strickland Avenue, cross over and head towards Hobart.

We've walked this way before and Peter and I keep a lookout for the spot where we cross, scramble up and take a track up through the bush.

Must be around here somewhere
We keep walking down, however, until we find the start of the Rivulet Fire Trail, which we take. I've not been on this before and we're not on it for long before we set off onto a smaller track leading up.

Looks like it's popular with mountain bikers, but again not on my map.

Over and up we go

We turn off onto this smaller track

Looks like cyclists have fun here
We finally reach the Bracken Lane Fire Trail heading left towards the Finger Post Track.

Would have been a good day for walking on top of Mt. Wellington

Following the Bracken Lane Fire Trail

The hills roll off into the distance

Having been taking photos, I was at the rear of the group when someone said I should take some pictures of the elderly couple walking at the front.

I should explain that we sometimes have guest walkers along with us, so I hurried past everyone to get in front for the requested photo.

That's Jenny on the right helping her elderly father down the stony incline
Isn't it nice to get the old people out into the sunshine?

On we go, turning off onto the Fingerpost Track. We're heading for Fern Tree where we'll have lunch.

We actually loop back onto the Bracken Lane Fire Trail

We reach Fern Tree for lunch
Meal finished, we cross over to pick up the Pipeline Track, heading down. Before that, four of us provide directions to some English tourists who wanted to walk to the top of the mountain. Afterwards we crossed the road to the others. Bob, who had been watching us from there wanted to know why it took four of us to give directions. Just because one of the tourists was an attractive young lady had nothing to do with it!

On we go, leaving Fern Tree behind.

The old church next to our lunch spot
One of the few buildings here to survive the 1967 bushfires.

This track takes us past the remains of stone towers that used to support the aquaduct

The water now goes via buried pipe.

Another change of scenery as we pass under man ferns

We reach Chimney Pot Hill Road, turning onto a track leading up through old quarries.

Out of the shade and into the sun

We can see our quarry again

A different sort of bush to what we've been walking in
We climb steeply for a while, branching off onto a smaller foot track, still leading up.

This finally reaches the paved road leading up to the communications tower.

Chimney Pot Hill

Taken a couple of years ago
This may have had something to do with the proposed aerial railway that permission was given for back in 1905. May the present day cable car emulate its success!

In the distance is the Bracken Lane Fire Trail where we earlier walked

A closer look
Leaving the hill top we head towards a steep descent, but before I go I take a couple of photos of a local.

Mountain Dragon or Rankinia diemensis

Best photographic model I've ever had! Didn't fidget, made no demands and worked cheap. Meanwhile, the others are starting down.

The various cables to the tower were brought up here some years ago

The first time I came down here, it was a wide, clear track

Final destination in the distance
We continue down, through McDermotts farm to the top end of the Waterworks and back to the cars.

Hobart in the distance

We had 12 walkers and covered 15.10km in 4:33hrs on a beautiful day. The variations that Bob gave us were quite enjoyable too.

Click here to download GPX file

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