Thursday, 13 February 2014

Kingston Beach & Alum Cliffs

Before I start, Carol has solved the mystery of the 'Interesting Fungus' photo of last week. I might point out that she also was the one who called our attention n the first place.

She casually ran the Latin name past me, but as I have enough trouble remembering who I am, Cyttaria gunnii or Myrtle Orange had no chance. It only appears on Myrtle Beech (Nothofagus cunninghamii), and is parasitic and edible.You're on your own there.

Kingston Beach & Alum Cliffs walk.
It was a beautiful day, as David said, "I wonder what the poor people are doing?". 

We parked down near the beach and walked south past the houses to the top of the hill and then turned left and down the track towards Boronia Point. There's a little beach I'm told is used by the local nudists - no luck today!

Start of Walk to cliffs

 It must have been the clear air & beautiful weather as we were a fairly unruly group today, and Our Dear Leader, Tas, had to come down hard on us.

We don't look all that unruly

Bob attempting a coup to take over walk leadership from Gordon

Heading north towards Kingston Beach

First evidence of damage from Sunday's wind storm

Southern end of Kingston Beach

Kingston Beach

 After walking the length of the beach we took the track up into the bush and found a comfortable place for morning tea.

From left, David, Tas, Carol, Gordon & Bob

You get a variety of country from open to ferns. This gully is usually wet, but not today.

Fern gully

 We turned left again  and continued up another track that passed through the old Brickfields from convict days.
You can just make out some old bricks lying in the bush

Story of Brickfields

 Of course, the local aborigines were here before us.

Some of the tracks

Back along the beach, heading south

We're heading for the white house just left of centre

View from veranda

  We had 16 people including an new recruit, Fran.  I have to confess that my GPS tracker shut down for some reason and I only have part of the walk. However I think it was about 7-8km. 

Thanks for all the good words re this blog.

Click here to download GPX file

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