Thursday, 17 December 2015

Morning Walk to Gordons 2015

Today is a short walk as we're invited for Morning Tea at Marie & Gordon's house.

That being so, we start at the carpark in Denison St. and immediately Tas has led us onto new, untried tracks! The first one was too short to get my camera out, but the next was longer and took us between and around houses.

A good turnout. Free food does that

The second new track

Nice day on Mt. Wellington

This was unexpected

Safely crossing the road, we continue down to the underpass that leads to the Whitewater Creek Track. We're walking counter-clockwise around the track on the map below.

We follow this to Summerleas Rd., cross over and continue on.

Fellow flock

I'm pretty sure this isn't the authorized way...

But there's a good view on top
 At least there's a good view now. Evidently this is the area scheduled for 200 houses. That'll get rid of that pesky green stuff!
That's more like it
After climbing the bank, we follow what was the 'Road to Nowhere' to the Channel Hwy opposite the new Bunnings building site.

We cross here, taking our lives in our hands, and continue south past the Antarctic Division to start on the Coffee Creek Track and enter the Peter Murrell Reserve.

We follow various tracks until we come to Algona Rd. which we cross (We're getting good at dodging cars) and take the track on the north side to the east.

 At this point Tas has turned over leadership to Bob and entrusted him to guide us to the food, that is, Gordon's house.

We're on some of the tracks we followed the other week which causes some consternation, especially when it appears Bob is leading us uphill when it appears we could go down.

Bob's comment "You'll go this way if you want to get there" does the trick and we all fall into line.

I noticed a small group ahead, staring at something on the path. It turned out to be this beauty.

I don't know what this is, he's not in my phone app

Mystery conference

We saw this rock a couple of weeks ago
People say it resembles a whale with its mouth open. It looks more like the head of a tortoise to me.

Finally, we arrive at our destination and are greeted by Gordon.

Gordon's vegie garden. Very nice

Gordon's dog made straight for Bob

It's difficult to believe she's 16y.o.

Only part of the spread they prepared for us

There were a number of these botanical paintings on the walls, all  done by Marie

Looks like Gordon is giving the "Sit! Stay!" to someone
Having consumed all the food, it was time to leave. At this point some of our walkers who live on this side of the hill made their own way home. The rest still had hills to climb before we could return to our cars.

Great view from up here

I don't think I've been up here before

But the other tracks are familiar. What a lovely climb.

On the way back, Tas stops to reconfigure a snail that appears to be heading for his garden.

It was a good day (except for the snail) and many thanks to Marie and Gordon for feeding us. This may set a precedent.

We had 12 walkers and covered 11.45km in 3:42hrs

Click here to download GPX file

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