Thursday, 26 January 2017

Kingston-Boronia Beach-Blackmans Bay 2017

Today we're walking from Kingston Beach to Boronia Beach and Blackmans Bay before returning to have lunch on Alex's veranda overlooking Kingston Beach.

Bob is leading us and before we start tells us it's not our usual walk in this area, but something different. Off we go!

We parked in the car park near the beach and walked around to this point

We pick up the Kingston Heights Track 

Quite easy and pleasant walking

We have better weather at Kingston
We have mixed cloud and sunshine for our walk with about half a dozen rain drops at one point.

Entry to Boronia Beach Reserve
We walk down to near the beach from here, then continue up to Roslyn Ave where we begin our wandering through the suburbs. You can check out the map below.

We're on the Boronia Beach Track now

Boronia Beach

Looking south

Nice reflections over Gellibrand Point
I won't attempt to describe the route, just show some photos.

Looking south at Suncoast area

Unnamed reserve

Concerned local. "Where're they going?!

Through here

At last! Something to navigate by!
As we walk, mutterings begin re Morning Tea as the critical time is fast approaching.

But we're not there yet.

We continue on, skirting through Blackmans Bay Primary School and zig zagging through various streets before we reach a spot with seating above the beach on Ocean Esplanade. Here, we can quench our thirst and boost our energy.

Bob took me aside during our break and asked that when I take over as the Donald Trump of U3A Bushwalking at the beginning of the term year, I confiscate all watches, time pieces etc. at the beginning of each walk. I added to this by saying I would include mobile phones. This should stop the muttering and pointed remarks preceding Morning Tea and lunch.

Only the upper echelon would be allowed to know the time on future walks.

Southern end of Blackmans Bay Beach

Looking over Flowerpot Point with the Iron Pot Light in the distance
Iron Pot light

About the only life on the beach

Not exactly crowded looking north

Morning Tea spot

School holidays and where is everyone?

We reach the northern end of the beach and make a climb up towards the Blow Hole, which wasn't impressive.

We walk around through some more suburbs before turning off towards the water again.

Up the cliff

Blackmans Bay

Front garden ornament. Better then a gnome

Off into the unknown again
We walk down towards the shore and have a look. This is a safe position to view north and south.

The cliffs are there, not here and I think that even Bob won't be leading us up there

It's a good view, though

 Finished, we go back to pick up what is masquerading as a track leading up.

A track. Sort of
I think only local wildlife use this as if you were less then a metre high, it would be easy.

Look carefully and you can see a tiny speck of blue of one of us in the scrub

We come up to the bottom of some gardens
I'm behind Bob when he disappears into the bush. There's a little climb and we end up almost in someone's garden.

Someone's coming

Can't quite tell who

It's Adie
We cross over the end of the garden and walk up the side of the fence. There is some question if we should be going this way. Up street level we find this sign.

This seems to indicate this is public access to the foreshore. I had a look on List maps and you can clearly see this is the case. Looks like peoples gardens have been extended over the casement. Speaking of which, if anyone knows the definition of casement in Tasmania, I would be glad to know. It appears often on government maps but no where can I find what the legal description is.

We should have made our way up sooner, but I seem to remember it was blocked by someone's wire fence
On we go, heading back to Kingston Beach.

Obligatory photo of Mt. Wellington

Kingston Beach. Not exactly overcrowded here either

Lunch on Alex's veranda

Lunch view
A very interesting and pleasant walk. We had 10 walkers and covered 9.86km in 4:02hrs.

I was going to animate the track, but for some reason the software I use doesn't like the GPS track. We went anti-clockwise.

Click here to download GPX file

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