Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Knocklofty 2017

 Today the group is walking on the Knocklofty Reserve in Hobart. I wasn't with them as I had something I had to do.

Renate kindly supplied all the following photos and captions for which I'm very grateful.

Luckily for the group, Bob took charge and led them on a walk. I've had reports it involved some climbing up steep slopes on hands & knees, but that may be an exaggeration! However, looking at some of the photos, perhaps not.

Perhaps it's a guiding light

Didn't give you lot a thought

I think this is where the hands & knees part starts

 Judging from the smiles, I think they all had a good day without me.

Given Bob's opinion of maps - real men don't use them -  Renate had better hope he doesn't read this blog!

The area

Many uphill tracks

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