Sunday, 17 June 2018

Cape Deslacs (Not) 2018

Today we were supposed to walk to Cape Deslacs and around. Weather forecast was ok for the morning with possible showers coming in around lunch time. We could handle that.

Parking off Bicheno St. among trees, we get ready to set off to Clifton Beach.

Just about ready to go

The track to the beach

It appears that a fire reduction burn has taken place here fairly recently.

As we reach Clifton Beach, a few drops of rain begin to fall.

Cape Deslacs

Low cloud in all directions...

...and rain moving in
The walk as planned actually heads away from Cape Deslacs and towards the Clifton Beach settlement. Just a means to add more distance to an easy, short walk.

More rain has arrived...

...and the wise members of the group back there have put on their wet weather gear
We walk down and off the beach, taking shelter under the deck of the surf club for Morning Tea.

I have a look at the weather and it appears some blue sky is heading for us. Unfortunately, it's a tiny bit of blue and when we resume the walk the rain is heavier.

I take the group around the houses, back to Pipe Clay Lagoon and Bicheno St, heading towards the turn off to the car park. This is all part of the planned walk.

As we go, the wind comes from our front along with horizontal rain. Reaching the crossover point, I gather everyone together and issue my executive decision, the walk is cancelled.

The rain is getting worse and the plan of going off track to pickup a path leading up to the Cape is not going to happen.

If we did continue, we would be on top of Cape Deslacs with no shelter from wind and rain until our return. Plus, we usually have lunch up there.

We would also be very wet and cold. Our walks are supposed to be enjoyable and this isn't, so it's back to the cars and return to Kingston.

I've forgotten how many walkers we had, about 14 I think. We covered 4.03km in 1:17hrs. This is only the second time we've been defeated by the weather while on a walk. That's in the seven years I've been with the group.

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