Saturday, 9 June 2018

Rifle Range Road 2018

Today we're walking one of Bob's walks from 2014, since then he's added several variations.

We park at the corner of Gellibrand Drive and Rifle Range Road, gear up and head to the beach.

Leaving the cars

The weather is overcast but quite good for walking.

We turn left onto Gorringes Beach.

The tide is out as you can see

Mt. Wellington lurking behind the trees
It's about 2.3km along the beach before we turn off, heading for our Morning Tea spot.

Leaving the beach

Peter and I wait for the last group to arrive

They missed the turn off, but I spotted them through the trees and guided them back to the path. We arrive at the spot where we've stopped many times before. We had noticed as we were walking up the beach another group walking along another track, heading for the same spot. Yes, it's our friends from Pandani again. Luckily, there are seats enough for all.

Morning Tea. It's a big group today

Good thing Geoff isn't sensitive about being on his own
I don't bother with tea and wander around taking some photos of the immediate area.

I can't find a name for this little creek

Tea finished, we move on through the metal gate, heading south along the coast.

Looking back

We follow the track that runs below properties for a while before finally turning up into O'May Court. We've walked this a number of times in the past, so just have a look at older blogs for Rifle Range Road for more photos.

We're actually walking a large loop that will bring us back to our Morning Tea spot for lunch.

We pass an area devoted to emus. Not as many in sight as the last time we were here, but a couple. I don't know what they live on as it appears completely barren. Indeed, looking at the area on Goole Earth, it extends for quite a way back and looks quite bare with just dead trees.

We're walking on the Tangara Trail, which seems to run everywhere, and heading back to our lunch spot. We have to wait to cross Gellibrand Drive, as do the two riders who were coming from the opposite direction.

We have lunch on the rocks, heading inland from Gorringes Beach on another part of the trail before turning into an unnamed track, which will lead us back to Gellibrand Drive again.  

We follow beside the road for a short distance, then cross to find another section of the Tangara Trail again. At Roma Court, we begin a nice little climb, passing some workmen who are repairing the track from damage inflicted by the recent bad weather. 

Going up

The track levels out and takes us over Paroa Court and a pleasant walk through the bush, to Moola Close where we walk down to Gellibrand Drive again, emerging not too far from the cars.

Looking at Google Earth, I can see an extension of the track that will take us a little farther before walking down closer to the parking area. Next time.

A good walk thanks to Bob and we had 21 walkers, covering 14.3km in 4:20hrs. Always a pleasant area to walk.

Click here to download GPX file

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