Sunday, 24 August 2014

Cascade Gardens (new) 2014

Here are photos along with a description from the walk I missed, courtesy of Peter. I think you'll agree, he did a great job. Thanks again.

We started the walk with a short circuit towards the city from the Gardens car park with the highlight being a couple of Straited Pardalote's making a nest in a pipe railing over the Rivulet.

Returning through the carpark we had an earlier than usual morning tea in the gardens before heading up the scenic route to McRobies tip where there is a viewing area (through the cyclone fence) of the tip and its activities, someone commented that the seagulls flying overhead were probably the ones we saw the week before on the Lenah Valley tracks travelling between McRobies and the Glenorchy tip.

After wandering up the dry forest we were pleasantly surprised by the lushness of the upper part of McRobies Creek where we encountered a number of small fallen trees and one significant group that had fallen across the track.

We then climbed what Bob advised was a "Small Hill" and in the discussion confirming what we had all previously thought which was that a "Little Hill" was actually bigger than a "Small Hill". 

  ** Funny how Bob's definition of hills always bring on a discussion - Jack **

Another downward track was probably the challenge for the day although a large patch of low growing flowering wattle made it well worthwhile.

After reaching the high point for the walk we descended down to Farm Road and were to cross the creek just before the brewery but Bob decided the water level was too high so with half a kilometre to the finish of the walk we had a short and steep bushbash to a higher track before returning to the Gardens."

There were eight walkers in all ( a reflection somewhat of our globetrotting membership).

The walk took roughly 3.5 hours and we covered 9.9 km according to Tas but no Satnav or gps map details.

Morning Tea in Cascade Gardens

Viewing point above McRobie

Wandering up McRobie

A minor obstacle across the track

Along the dual usage track

Negotiating the Very Difficult Section with Bob

Down the track

The wattle was such a contrast

Top of Bob's hill

Mountain Views

An interesting fungi

Another fungi spotted by Tas

A short bush bash at the end

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