Saturday, 16 December 2017

Margate Christmas Lunch 2017

Today we're meeting at Dru Point Margate for our Christmas get together. As this won't start until 1p.m., Bob is leading us on a walk first.

We gather at the large car park near the jetty before we set off south along the Esplanade which has been upgraded since we were last here.

The gathering

The weather is warm and sunny
Walking along the new footpath past the solar powered street lights, Peter points out what appears to be a viewing platform. There are steps down to the shore line which consists of seaweed, mud, rocks and disgruntled seagulls. Why anyone would want to go down here is beyond me.

What is even more surprising is that it also contains a ramp. What for? Wheeling your pram down to the not so pretty beach? Disabled access? Not shown in the photo is the fact that a large storm water pipe exits just under the ramp and steps. Very interesting in a rain storm I would think.

Mystery construction. The large rocks will stop anything that rolls down the ramp
Bemused, we continue on, heading around the foreshore to the Bundalla Track.

South on Bundalla Road to Gemalla Road and the start of the Dave Burrows Walk.

We pass what I've always considered to be an old stationary engine outside a business. On closer look at the photos below, I realize it's actually an old refrigeration compressor.

This explains why I couldn't find anything out about a Gordon engine. A Gordon compressor is a different story and it was made by Gordon Brothers in Melbourne. This company was started in 1917 and is still in business.

It was interesting to read that in WWII - to quote from their history -
During the Second World War the company's activities were diverted into production of equipment for the war effort. This included cordite mixers, bullet-testing ovens, blood bank equipment and portable ice-making machines.

A little bit of history.

On we go and it's a great day for the walk.

An attempt by a local landowner to foster Christmas spirit

We reach the Channel Highway and head south towards Electrona (it will always be Electrona to me, not Peggy's Beach!) where Bob had a new track for us to follow.

New pipes have been buried here recently. I suspect this will form part of the new track being developed from Snug to Margate

Soon we reach a point where we cross the road and head bush.

Apprehensively heading into the unknown

It's open bush and there are many tracks here.

There is always someone who is really happy when the track goes downhill!
On we go. I forgot to mention that Bob said he'd been along here recently and pulled out all the orchids!. Fortunately, Peter found one Bob missed. A bit blurry but I can't leave it out.

The lone orchid
After a little casting around we start up hill, one Bob had promised us. Soon we reach a spot for Morning Tea and it's one we've used before when we came from another direction.

Up hill

Morning Tea
I had a little look around for anything interesting and the butterfly below was about it.

We walk out to the Channel Highway, crossing over to head north to another track. Some who are going to set up our lunch will head back to Dru Point while the rest of us continue on.

Anyone who follows this blog should be able to identify Mt. Wellington by now

This group is going back to set up lunch
We turn onto a track that will lead us around the back of Margate.

It's a very pleasant walk

Along the way we walk past houses and one has the best looking chook house I've seen.

Flash chook house

This side opens onto their back lawn
Notice the solar powered lights beside the front door. The birds appeared happy and healthy. As they should.

We cross the Margate Cricket Ground and Van Morey Road, heading down Dayspring Drive to the start of the Margate Rivulet Track.

Dayspring Drive

A new track

An easy and attractive walk down to the rivulet.

rural view
We follow along the rivulet which is running.

Margate Rivulet Track

The rivulet

We make our way around to the northern side of Margate, crossing the highway and heading left at the roundabout towards lunch.

We're getting close, passing North West Bay as we walk the Dru Point Track.

North West Bay
We have the shelter booked for 1p.m. and wait a little for the previous group to clear.

The floor is pretty clean and the reason for that is the previous group was the Guide Dogs for the Blind and there were a number of young Labradors in training present.

Now, having had a Labrador in the distant past, I know that if they are around nothing dropped hits the floor. Food, books, small children, nothing gets past a lab. This explains the clean floor.

Soon Peggy and friends are stacking the table with food and Wayne is boiling water for hot drinks.

Peggy and Sue hard at work

I would like to thank Peggy again for arranging everything. We had about 20 people with us for the afternoon.

We had 15 active walkers for our morning walk and covered 12.63km in 3:36hrs. Thanks to Bob for leading us.

Click here to download GPX file

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