Friday, 24 February 2017

Clifton Beach - Cape Deslacs 2017

Today Tas is taking us to Clifton Beach for a walk over Cape Deslacs. We collect more walkers on the way down and park off Bicheno Street to get ready.

From here, we walk into Clifton Beach. It's not far and is a pretty walk with dunes and a green tunnel.

Another good size group

A green tunnel

We emerge overlooking the beach and make our descent. Here, Tas admits taking a leaf from Bob's book so we turn away from our destination and head towards the western end of the beach.

I counted 5 people and 3 dogs who were spread out along the beach. Well, 2 people and 1 dog were at the eastern end and 3 people and 3 dogs at the other.

Not exactly crowded.

Cape Deslacs, which we're walking away from

There's a bit of surf

It wasn't until we were further along the sand that I realized there was a surfing school in progress right at the very end.

Local college students learning how to surf.

Only boat in sight and well offshore

Reaching the end we turn up between the flags to have Morning Tea in front of the surf club.

Parking lot next to the surf club

Morning Tea

The students are just about finished their higher schooling
Tea finished, Tas leads us up another path that takes us to Pipe Clay Lagoon.

This leads us back to Bicheno Street

The tide is out and the flats appear quite silvery, covered with tiny shells

Pipe Clay Lagoon

Shortly, we turn off onto the road leading to the car park. Is this the finish of our shortest walk ever?

Not at all. Tas goes feral and leads us off track
If worst comes to worst, I believe we can eat this if we have to

This is not a track

It's not long before we do pick up a small track, one I recognize from before except we came down it last time. This time, we're going up. It's such a gentle climb Tas has to point out to Bob that we're actually going uphill.

Very pleasant track

That's not a stile

We're on top and about to cross this fence via this stile. Not the best example I've seen. Little room for feet and it leans back.

This is a stile

The track continues along the top of a cliff now, through open land which is a reserve along the top.

New house. Too dry here for me

Lots of interesting rock formations along here

Looks like it was photo-shopped. It wasn't
There is a natural square window in the rock, plus the bottom opening I don't remember noticing before.

Looking east

We turn around just up there
You can walk a little further, but a fence stops you as it becomes private land.

 So, we make our way back, heading for a lunch spot.

This reminded some of old castle ruins

The water was indeed deep blue

We have lunch with a view looking towards a blow hole. Unfortunately, the sea was too calm to produce any action today. Instead, enjoy the photo of the gum tree below.

Lunch finished, we continue on, passing the track we came up.

There is a small beach down there. Good luck getting to it without a boat
I noticed people in front had stopped and were looking at something on the ground. When I finally reached the spot I saw the little fellow below, about the size of my thumb.


I suppose this is a Mountain Dragon, but it doesn't look quite like the photos I've seen
 While I ponder over the lizard, the others have taken off into the bush.

Decisions, decisions. Right or left.

 I choose left and spot them on the horizon, moving fast, but not fast enough.

I catch up just as Bob spots what appears to be a track, heading down. We follow to see if it would take us to the bottom of the cliffs. Unfortunately, it disappears into several faint tracks, heading for a deep gully, so we return.

Bob looking for somewhere to take us...

...but not here

As we turn back, I spot the bush below and snap a photo. Bob wonders what makes it so special as to warrant a photo.

What can I say? It just caught my eye.

We reach a view of Clifton Beach and head for a lookout before descending.

Clifton Beach

The track down

Another because it's there photo

The lookout over the beach
We're surrounded by mutton bird burrows, but no one is keen to stick their arm in to see if any are home!

We continue down and make our way back to the cars.

This sign is beside the track, considerably above the beach. By the time you reach the water you'll have forgotten seeing it!

The weather just kept getting better and better

We had 17 walkers and covered 8.34km in 3:14hrs. Another rubbish walk with disappointing views. (We don't want too many people to know how good Tassie is).

Click here to download GPX file

I added this map to show what we could see opposite us

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